Civil Attorney Directory

Helping You Find A Partner in the Process

Finding a good attorney to help you and your family through the civil trial process is important.  The following is a directory of attorneys you may want to consider as part of your search. Ultimately, you should do your homework and make sure the attorney you hire is the right one for you and your case.  For more tips on what to look for, consider downloading our brochure Understanding the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems.

MADD’s Civil Attorney Directory connects drunk and drugged driving victims directly to attorneys who are ready to fight for their case.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving does not guarantee or warrantee the work product of those attorneys listed in this directory. This list is comprised of attorneys who have provided information to MADD indicating that they are capable of handling drunk and/or drugged driving lawsuits on behalf of the victim. An attorney on this list may be removed at any time at MADD’s sole discretion.

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